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Every client is required to familiarize themselves with the Operating Rules of the Jógovna studio. By purchasing a single entry, course, workshop, or credit, the client confirms that they have read and agree to respect and comply with the Operating Rules in their entirety.


Every client is required to present their name under which the credit, purchased membership, or single lesson is registered in the system, or to purchase a single-use lesson. The current price list of services is available on the website. Payment of the proper admission fee entitles the client to enter the yoga studio premises and use its facilities and services.


Jógovna is open according to the current opening hours specified on the website


Clients can reserve participation in a yoga class using the reservation system located on the Jógovna website. Yoga classes are conducted by qualified instructors. If any event occurs that prevents the provision of the offered services, the Operator reserves the right to cancel the planned classes and notify registered clients via email and social media.


Payment for lessons, according to the studio's price list, can be made in cash, by card, or using Sodexo vouchers at the studio. It is also possible to benefit from the advantageous credit system or membership, which provides unlimited access (see below). Special lessons, courses, and workshops can also be paid for online via bank transfer or the GoPay gateway.


Membership provides unlimited access to open lessons. Duration options are 3, 6, or 12 months. Membership can be purchased through the online booking system using GoPay or bank transfer, or at the studio reception. Payment is one-time only. Membership begins immediately after payment. Membership does not apply to courses, drop-in courses, teacher training, workshops, special classes, or merchandise. Membership is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for goods or money. It is also non-refundable.


Clients can load any amount starting from CZK 1,500 onto their credit to enjoy discounted lesson prices. The credit is only valid for open lessons!

Credit can be loaded online via GoPay or bank transfer, or directly at the studio reception. Credit cannot be used for courses, drop-in courses, teacher training, workshops, special lessons, or merchandise. Clients can track the movement of their credit online after depositing and utilizing it. Credit is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for goods or money. CREDIT DOES NOT HAVE A TIME LIMIT and is non-refundable.




Clients can cancel a reserved open lesson in the reservation system up to 4 hours before it begins. Failure to do so and non-attendance will result in the deduction of its value from the credit or the cost of the lesson will be charged during the next visit. Thank you for your understanding.




Upon registering for the course, workshop or master class it is necessary to have the full amount credited to our account within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in your reservation being automatically cancelled. If you are enrolling in a course or workshop less than three days before its commencement, the payment needs to be made immediately. Upon receipt of payment, we will send you a confirmation. If you have made the payment but have not received a confirmation email, please contact us (a common reason for this is an incorrectly entered variable symbol).

In the event of cancellation more than 14 days before the course, workshop, or master class, a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged (meaning, 50% will be refunded). If the client fails to provide a 14-day notice or does not attend the chosen course, workshop, or master class, the studio is entitled to retain 100% of the price. However, your spot can be transferred to another person.

By logging into the reservation system, you agree to the cancellation policy.


Clients have access to lockers in a designated separate changing room. When leaving the changing room, clients must empty their lockers. Clients are responsible for the locker key and its contents during their visit to the studio. In the event of a lost key or damaged lock, a fee of CZK 100 will be charged. The operator does not assume any responsibility for valuables stored in the locker (personal documents, keys, valuables, jewelry, money, payment cards, laptops, and others). If personal belongings are stolen or lost, the client is obliged to promptly inform the reception staff and contact the Police of the Czech Republic. Delayed reporting of theft or loss will not be considered.


Every client is required to follow the instructions of the staff. Entry into the studio is only permitted without footwear. An area is designated for storing footwear. While participating in any sports activities in the studio, clients must not endanger their own health or the health of others. It is also prohibited to contaminate the premises in any way.


Clients use all facilities and equipment provided by the Operator at their own risk. Clients may also approach the studio staff or instructors for answers to questions related to the equipment.


Each client is fully responsible for their own health condition. The Jógovna Studio assumes no responsibility for the health condition of its clients.

Clients are also required to follow the instructor's guidance regarding exercises and equipment. Otherwise, the Operator is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur. Any injuries must be immediately reported to the reception staff or any present instructor. Clients must not endanger their own health or the health of other participants during sports activities.

A basic first aid kit is available at the studio reception.


After the lesson, each client must tidy up the borrowed props.


Clients are obliged to comply with relevant fire regulations, treat the Operator's property responsibly, and maintain order within the premises.

Smoking, and the consumption of alcoholic beverages or other intoxicating or psychotropic substances, is prohibited on the premises of the yoga studio.



Clients are liable for any damages caused by a violation of the Operating Rules, or for loss or damage to the Operator's property, and will be held responsible for the full extent of the damage, even if it was caused unintentionally.

Jógovna Studio Operating Rules

Dated 1.2.2023

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